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This 5min reel underscores the diversity of our recent work. Vimeo has the full list of clients and collaborators.




The Edge explores the work of Bruce Anderson & Natural Humanship. 4K Documentary.



The country’s official investment pitch. Produced in 2013 for InvesTT.



Rebranding National Petroleum.



The kids at Maple Leaf explain why the Ontario Education system is rated #1 in the english speaking world.


Business Stories by AOS

We deliver your story as carefully sliced up video, photography and text material so that you have something ready to empower your marketing at anytime. Rich content becomes social media video and photo posts, customer testimonials, press/magazine ads, point of sale and large format display advertising.


  1. Tell the story of your business on your website with engaging customer interviews,
    staff soundbites and amazing visuals of your team at work (3-4mins).
  2. Follow your stories with a strong call to action, or a discount.
  3. Photos, soundbites and text transcripts from videos become marketing collateral.
    We package everything for your your marketing team.
  4. Leverage social media networks with short video edits.
    Share your story. Boost your posts! Grow your audience.
  5. Track campaign results with standard analytics online.

The following options will help you make the most of your content marketing experience:

  1. Make large format prints from video using our 4K option.
  2. Make even larger prints with our photography option. Same lenses, same great look.
  3. Let us share your story – leverage our 8000+ Facebook followers who just love rich content.
  4. We can advise you on social or traditional media “best practices” or we can handle the
    scheduling, monitoring, curation and media buying for you. Learn how we can package
    your content for a 2 month social media schedule with trackable results.


Recent Business Stories:


Your story. Our treatment.

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Branded Entertainment by AOS

Award-winning, independent productions. Organic integrations. AOS’ team of writers, producers, editors and app-developers can craft and package a story for maximum reach. We understand what it takes to position a brand as hero.


Conrad Parris. Story of the Nation
Conrad Parris. Story of the Nation

Visual Asset Management by AOS

If a picture is worth 1000 words then how much is a 360˙ virtual tour worth? For stakeholders working in secure, hostile or remote environments where safety is a priority, the ability to remotely view industrial assets is valuable. Our partnership with Popul8 Analytics essentially delivers Google Streetview-class Visual Asset Management (VAM) to the Caribbean. In the oil and gas, utilities, construction and transportation sectors, VAM is used for documentation, safety, training and orientation. Click here for more information.

Our partnership with Popul8 in Canada brings industrial strength VAM to the region.


4K capture, cyclorama, sound, 3 creative cloud edit suites and a mini skate park… a dynamic creative culture known for producing great talent.

Dylan skates between edits.
Roll with us. The most tightly integrated digital agency in the Caribbean.


Engage customers like never before.

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